protect your data with disk failure prediction

SMARTReporter is a free application that can warn you of some hard disk drive failures before they actually happen! It does so by periodically polling the S.M.A.R.T. status of your hard disk drives. S.M.A.R.T. (Self-Monitoring Analysis and Reporting Technology) is a technology built into most modern hard disk drives that acts as an "early warning system" for pending hard disk drive problems.


remove unwanted packages from your system

UninstallPKG is a free application that allows you to completely remove/erase/uninstall so called "packages" (file-extension: "pkg") and all their installed contents from your Mac. UninstallPKG can also be used to reclaim precious disk-space by removing unwanted functionality like unused printer drivers or clean-up your Mac by purging apps that you have already partially removed manually.


check & monitor your SSD / Flash Storage health

SSDReporter is a free application that checks the health of your internal Solid State Disks ("SSD" aka "Flash Storage"). Since SSDs have a limited life-time determined by the number of write operations it's important to keep an eye on your SSD status. SSDReporter can warn you by e-mail or on-screen when the health of your SSD decreases and displays current status via its icon (Dock or Menubar).


convert MKV videos to more compatible MP4 files

MKV2MP4 is a free application that can convert video files in the MKV container format to more compatible MP4 video files. MKV2MP4 can convert most common MKV files very quickly and has a queue for converting hundreds of files at once. Because the video track is not re-encoded, conversion is fast and the resulting video has the exact same high video-quality as the source file.


edit spreadsheets in a simple, clean & elegant way

TableEdit is a simple, clean, elegant & free spreadsheet app designed specifically for macOS. TableEdit features a minimalistic yet intuitive interface and has convenient features like cell formatting, seamless CSV / Excel file import & export as well as exhaustive cell styling options. We've also implemented a comprehensive formulae system and support for visualizing using charts & graphs.


display current song lyrics on your desktop

DesktopLyrics is a free application that displays the lyrics of the song currently playing in "iTunes" right on your desktop. DesktopLyrics features numerous options to customize lyrics display to your liking, you can set fonts, sizes, colors and shadows for the lyrics and song information seperately and also display the cover artwork. Note that the lyrics have to be available in iTunes to be displayed.


recover deleted files quickly and easily

TrashRecover is a free app that automatically makes backups of your 'Trash' so that you can restore deleted files. TrashRecover is especially useful for laptops and any other Macs where setting up the 'TimeMachine' is not feasible or convenient. If you've ever deleted a file and then changed your mind and wanted to have it back, then TrashRecover is for you!


convert MKV videos to compatible MP4 files

MKV2ATV is a free application that can convert video files in the MKV container format to MP4 video files compatible with the Apple TV. Most common MKV files can be converted very quickly and there is a queue for converting hundreds of files at once. We also have specialized versions for producing files for iOS devices (iPhone & iPad) or the Sony PlayStation 3.


manage and tidy up your digital music library

MusicMaster is a free app that allows you to perform a number of useful operations on your digital music collection like changing the case of the titles, removing broken files or performing search & replace across all "tags". MusicMaster can operate on your whole iTunes/Music-app library, on selected playlists or on folders of music - which works even without iTunes/Music-app.


remove gigabytes of spare old file versions

VersionsManager is a free application that allows you to inspect and optionally delete old 'versions' of your documents that have been stored automatically by your Mac. These previous versions can add up to many gigabytes of 'wasted' disk-space since it is common to have many hundred old versions for the files you have been working on.


the futuristic "anti-gravity" 3D racing game

CoreBreach is THE brand-new futuristic "anti-gravity" racing game with combat-based gameplay. CoreBreach offers 6 great ships from easy maneuverable to rigid but ultra fast - and an unbelievable bonus ship. You can choose from 6 beautiful, detailed and futuristic tracks of varying difficulty in both directions to prove your skills. CoreBreach is free & developed from the ground up for the Mac & iOS.


locate the geographic origin of received e-mails

MailSpy is a free application that can you show the geographic location from where emails you've received have been sent. MailSpy shows the sender location as well as the location of intermediate 'stops' the email has taken on its way to you and additional information like the used email client.


prevent your email inbox from becoming full

MailboxAlert regularly checks whether your email accounts are filled up to their storage limit, which prevents you from receiving mails. MailboxAlert periodically looks if your mailbox is filled-up and warns you with alerts, on-screen notifications and a changed menubar icon. MailboxAlert is free & supports an unlimited number of standards-compliant IMAP email accounts with and without SSL encryption.

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