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MailboxAlert is an application that regularly checks whether your email accounts are filled up to their storage limit, which prevents you from receiving mails.

More Info: MailboxAlert Homepage GitHub: MailboxAlert Source Code
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SMARTReporter Lite

This is the old, unsupported version of SMARTReporter that is still available for free and with source code.

GitHub: SMARTReporter Lite
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DesktopLyrics Lite

This is the old, unsupported version of DesktopLyrics that is still available for free and with source code.

GitHub: DesktopLyrics Lite
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VideoBreakout allows you to view web-videos in a proper and native video-player instead of having to watch them embedded into a website in your browser.

GitHub: VideoBreakout Homepage
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CoreBreach is THE futuristic "anti-gravity" racing game with combat-based gameplay. You can choose from 6 beautiful, detailed and futuristic tracks of varying difficulty in both directions to prove your skills. CoreBreach is developed from the ground up for the Mac & iOS.

More Info: Corebreach
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XMPV allows you to read and edit the source code of all your (Xcode) projects on-the-go. Projects can be checked out from github or by transferring them via iTunes. You can also send back your changes by e-mail. Printing support is also included.

GitHub: XMPV Source Code
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iOmniMap (iOS)

iOmniMap allows you to navigate in any map that you can download or photograph (without requiring an internet connection). It allows you to use special maps provided by national parks, tourist information, travel planners, guidebooks or any other source directly on your iPhone/iPad. No more looking back-and-forth between a physical map and your iPhone/iPad showing your position!

GitHub: iOmniMap Source Code
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FingerMaze HD (iOS)

FingerMaze HD is a iPad game where you have to solve mazes of increasing difficulty in the shortest time possible. Features include 160 hand-selected mazes from 15 different categories, 3 random maze generators with different difficulty levels for endless maze-solving fun and medal awards for fast maze-solving.

GitHub: FingerMaze HD
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filter- & sort-able database of all cars on-sale CarDB is a full-featured database containing cars currently on sale and allows you to make conscious buying decisions with its filtering and sorting abilities.

Download: CarDB GitHub: CarDB Source Code
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MovieDB is an application that lets you easily manage your digital movie collection. By focusing exclusively on digital movies they can be added comfortably by using drag&drop. Information about the file is automatically extracted, information about the movie is automatically fetched over the internet. MovieDB supports DVDs, (S)VCDs and nearly all common video files like AVIs or MOVs. MovieDB can easily search for your movies or sort and filter them.

GitHub: MovieDB Source Code
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SandboxChecker displays icon badges for all apps in your Application folder: GREEN: sandboxed YELLOW: not-sandboxed-but-signed RED: unsigned

Download: SandboxChecker Binary & Source Code (Intel, 10.11+) [590 KB] GitHub: Source Code
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An application for developers that allows to quickly try out pieces of source code (C/ObjC/C++/ObjC++).

GitHub: InstaCode
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An application for discovering new and old music of your favorite artists. It scans your music collection and extracts information about the albums you own. You can then discover other albums by those artists and get informed about new releases by those artists automatically. MusicWatch works like a RSS reader, with the artists being the "feeds" and the albums being the "articles".

Download: MusicWatch Binary & Source Code (Intel, 10.6+) [5.4 MB] GitHub: MusicWatch Source Code
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CoreLib is a reusable Objective-C library to make developing Mac and iOS applications easier.

GitHub: CoreLib Source Code
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An application that tells "QuickTime Player" to present a movie on the second monitor while it displays playback progress on the first monitor.

Download: QTPresenter Binary & Source Code (Universal, 10.5+) [86 KB]
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An application for realtime generation and visualization of fractal terrain.

Download: TerraCore Binary (Intel, NVIDIA GPU, 10.5+) [11.8 MB]
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LibVT is a production-ready library for implementing 'virtual texturing' in a 3D game or visualization system.

GitHub: LibVT Source Code
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An application that lets the current foreground text selection flash in different colors when a hotkey is pressed.

Download: SelectionFlasher Binary & Source Code (Universal, 10.4+) [174 KB] Alternatives: None, but now Safari 3 has usable search-text highlighting built-in... GitHub: SelectionFlasher Source Code
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An application to observe european stock markets right from the menubar.

Download: STOCKings Source Code (No executable binary since you can only use it legally if you have written permission from the data provider GitHub: STOCKings Source Code
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