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keep all apps in your company up-to-date effortlessly

MacUpdater is great for personal use on your Mac, but it can be even more useful for corporate, business or educational facilities where a large number of Macs need to be managed and kept up-to-date and secure.

Current facilities

MacUpdater ships with a 'command-line utility' called 'macupdater_client' that can be used to query and control an existing installation of MacUpdater from the command-line, which lends itself to automated or remote administration. 'macupdater_client' works like a 'remote control' for MacUpdater and has the following features:

'macupdater_client' is installed inside MacUpdater's app bundle, so if you have installed MacUpdater in its default location in the /Applications/ folder you should be able to launch it from the Terminal using: /Applications/

'macupdater_client' options:

  • List Installed Apps: you can list all installed or just outdated apps, including version information. This will print the information that MacUpdater has collected during its last scan.
  • Scan: this option causes MacUpdater to perform a full scan of all installed apps. This is identical to clicking the 'Start Full Scan' option in MacUpdater itself.
  • Update: you can tell MacUpdater to update outdated apps. you can also tell MacUpdater to update all apps by omitting the path for the app to be updated.

Upcoming facilities

In addition to the current facilities we are planning these options and features that should be helpful in a corporate or educational setting:

  • Standalone CLI tool: A standalone command-line tool that can be used without existing installation of MacUpdater and can perform tasks like scanning or updating apps by itself instead of by remote-controlling the GUI version of MacUpdater
  • Automated Updates: an option to let MacUpdater automatically keep apps up-to-date should help with administering a large number of Macs

We are currently gauging interest for these features so if any of those are interesting to you, just drop us a line.

Volume Licensing

Business licensing is now implemented in MacUpdater 2.0, just select 'Business Edition' during purchase and we'll contact you with a quote and/or invoice.

Mass Deployment

Deploying MacUpdater among a plethora of Macs should be no trouble for any admin. However, in the default mode the 'Privileged Helper' is not installed. In case you need that helper to always update apps without password, we've included a script for you so you can install the helper remotely. Just call /Applications/

Activating and deactivating license codes remotely on all managed Macs can easily be done via the macupdater-license://EMAIL;LICENSECODE and macupdater-license://unregister URLs.

If you are using 'macupdater_client' you probably want to ensure that MacUpdater is always up-to-date to keep it working. This enables automatic installation of updates to MacUpdater: defaults write com.corecode.MacUpdater SUAutomaticallyUpdate 1

'Pro' versus 'Business'

The 'Pro' and 'Business' editions of MacUpdater are technically identical. The difference is in the licensing. The 'Pro' version is only sold to private consumers and comes with a receipt. The 'Business' edition is sold to companies and other legal entities and comes with an invoice. If you are a freelancer or one-man business you may choose which version you prefer but please remember, we will not issue invoices for anything but the 'Business' version.

What do you think?

Please let us know if the current and upcoming facilities are exactly what you need or whether we should adjust or extend our roadmap to support your use-case. We'd very much like to hear how you are using MacUpdater and how we could make MacUpdater work perfectly in your setting.