CoreBreach for Mac OS X and iOS is available on the App Store:

1.1.6 (21 Dec 2016):

• Fixes for modern iOS&Mac soft- and hardware versions

• Mac: Increase security by supporting the "Sandbox"

• Mac: Disabled copy-protection (DRM)

• Mac: Fixed display of "like buttons" (FaceBook/Twitter/etc)

• Improved performance and minor fixes

• Improved performance and minor fixes

1.1.5  (23 Jan 2012):

•  First version for iOS

  1.  Added an even easier difficulty level by popular demand

  2.  Improved performance, graphics & stability

  3. Improved usability with better font rendering and smaller on-screen notifications

  4. Added fallback special effects for systems without post-processing

  5. Fixes problem with online high-scores and nicknames containing spaces (Mac)

  6. Fixes problem with the multiplayer mode and the pause-menu (Windows/Linux)

1.1.0 (22 Nov 2011):

• First version for Windows & Linux

• Rewritten game & engine for cross-platform compatibility, improved performance & graphics

• Improved stability, compatibility, balancing and game-pad support

• Improvements for user-made custom racetracks

• Added four hidden "easter-eggs" throughout the game

  1. Added optional female voice sound-set and improved the sound effects and music

1.0.2 (12 Sep 2011):

• IMPORTANT: Fix that CoreBreach would not launch on some Macs

• Fix "Look back" key not working

• Fix "Lead a whole round" award not being given

• Fix combat behavior of computer-enemies

• Fix wrong displayed money rewards for objectives

• Fix that resetting career progress would not show the story for the last race again

1.0.1 (26 Aug 2011):

• Fix for graphical problem while starting the game

• Improved difficulty balancing

1.0 (22 Aug 2011):

• First public release


Online Store releases are a few days delayed

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