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Malware on the Mac App Store

Apple happily distributes apps from Malware vendors

TechyUtils / PCVark:

Those guys are probably the worst and most productive Malware Vendors on the macOS platform, being responsible for these notorious malware apps:
"Advanced Mac Cleaner", Mac-Optimizer "Unpollute My Mac", "Mac Tonic", "Mac Auto Fixer ", "Mac Heal Pro",
"Mac-Mechanic", "Mac Tweak ", "Mac Cleanup Pro", "Malware Crusher", "Similar Photo Cleaner " & "UnPack"

Although they are the worst malware vendors for the Mac, Apple happily distributes (at least) 6 apps from them in
their Mac App Store:
"Duplicate File Cleaner", "Duplicates Cleaner", "Power Widget", "File Helper", "Disk Reviver", "AdBlock Pro"

Think those apps from the worst known malware vendor are safe just because they are on the Mac App Store?
Think again.

SysTweak / TuneUpMyMac:

Another notorious malware vendor is 'SysTweak', they are responsible for the infamous 'TuneupMyMac' malware as well as other malware apps like 'Duplicate Music Fixer' and 'Systweak AntiMalware' (it is ironic how malware is so often disguised as 'Anti-Malware', see e.g. the worst of them all, 'MacKeeper').

Here Apple goes even one step further. They directly distribute the 'Lite' version of the abominable malware 'TuneUpMyMac' under the name 'Tweak And Tuneup' on the Mac App Store here!
Apple claims that the 'Mac App Store' is a "safe" place for users, but their actions betray their words.

Thats not enough, they distribute 15 other apps from this vendor. Surely Mac users all over the world can re-choice at this fine selection (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15).

Anything is OK, as long as Apple gets 30% of the profit, right?