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MacUpdater 2.3.1

keep all your apps up-to-date effortlessly

MacUpdater can automatically track the latest updates of all applications installed on your Mac. Launch our MacUpdater to see at a glance which of your apps are out-of-date. With a simple click, you can update any outdated app. Don't waste any time manually searching for updates, downloading, installing & cleaning up.
Let MacUpdater take care of everything for you!


Scan your Apps -
Maintain the Overview

Nothing could be easier than finding out which of your apps are out-of-date with MacUpdater. Just launch it and let it scan your apps. You'll see a list of all your apps, and apps with updates are listed in red. There are filter-options to display just outdated apps or ignore apps from being updated. The MacUpdater database has information about the latest versions of more than 100.000 apps (see FAQ).


No Registration Needed -
Total Privacy

In contrast to competing services, you don't need to register to be able to use MacUpdater. Just launch it, scan & update your apps. Even more important, everything in MacUpdater is designed with your privacy in mind. We don't track you and we don't sell your data - because we don't even have it. In fact, we have an industry-leading Privacy Policy that should keep you feeling all warm & snug.


Stay Up-to-Date -
Stay Secure

Updating apps could not be simpler - just click the "Update" button next to any outdated app and MacUpdater will update the app to the current version automatically. MacUpdater can silently run in the back-ground, check your apps for updates every day and let you know about new updates with notifications.


One-time Purchase –
No Subscriptions

MacUpdater 2 is a one-time purchase ($14.99), without any shady memberships, forced sub-scriptions or adhesion contracts. And if you just want to scan your apps without updating, it's even FREE! Note: MacUpdater 2 does require server-support and our daily maintenance to keep working: expect support until end of 2024.

Screenshots & Videos

QuickUpdate from the Main Window

QuickUpdate from the Menu Bar

New in Version 2

More Features:

  • Support for displaying and updating non-app software types like screen-savers, audio plugins and many more
  • List or apply updates with a custom 'Alfred' workflow

 for MacUpdater
  • 'TouchBar' support to access the most common functions on your apps
  • More control with advanced options to schedule your scan at a specific time or day(s)
  • Ability to install apps without entering the password on non-Admin accounts
  • Ability to select and use common options on multiple apps at once

  • Automatically clean defunct ignored updates for better performance

  • Quit running apps for updating without confirmation

  • Full compatibility with macOS 13 'Ventura' and 'Apple Silicon' chips

Great Improvements:

  • Save time by directly applying app-updates that come as packages (.pkg)

  • Even higher security and many additional advanced security options

  • Improved performance of scanning apps, especially with a very large number of installed apps
  • Enabled use of re-scanning or ignoring while currently applying updates
  • Streamlined process of hiding updates temporarily or permanently
  • Filter apps by codesigning, sandbox & code-architecture and more

  • Directly show embedded release notes in many more cases
  • Extended progress dialog shows more infos about the update

  • Automatically detect connection issues
  • Support for more app-badging options including 'Apple Silicon' badges

Documentation & Requirements

System Requirements:

• macOS 10.14 'Mojave' or later
• 'Ventura'-compatible & 'Apple Silicon'-native


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Pricing & Options

License & Cost:

MacUpdater is licensed under a proprietary license and is a free download. Scanning for updates is always free. However, updating more than 10 apps requires a paid license.

Happiness & Refund Guarantee:

We do not only promise fast and high quality support but also guarantee that that we'll try to make you happy customer, and if this is not possible you will always get your money back.

Compare the different editions here

MacUpdater is currently not on-sale as we are transitioning from version 2 to version 3.
You can use MacUpdater 3 for free until it leaves 'beta' status and goes on sale in early 2023.


Download MacUpdater 3 Beta:

▶ ▶  Download MacUpdater icon  ◀ ◀
Download Size: 12.7 MB   Release Date: 2022-12-31 FOR ALL NEW USERS - FULLY FREE WHILE IN BETA
Requires macOS 13 'Ventura'

Download MacUpdater 2:

▶ ▶  Download MacUpdater icon  ◀ ◀
Download Size: 14.3 MB   Release Date: 2022-11-14 FOR EXISTING CUSTOMERS - NOT ON SALE ANYMORE
Requires macOS 10.14 'Mojave'