MacUpdater History:

3.2.6 (Dec 2023):

• Added ability to sort app-list by the info-badges, via clicking on them

• Implement a fix for printing the app-list on newer macOS versions

• Improvements for the purchase process

3.2.5 (Dec 2023):

• Added an Ukrainian translation thanks to Oleksii Lysenko

• Fixed issue operating on multiple apps in the 'Apple Silicon Migration Assistant'

3.2.4 (Nov 2023):

• Added explanations about most recent Microsoft Office updates

• Fixed issue with pre-1.0 updates always being labeled as 'Upgrades'

• Experimental workaround for macOS bug that could cause crashes

3.2.3 (Nov 2023):

• Added option to filter the auto-/quick-update list (build 16460)

• Fixed stability issue related to the minus/remove buttons in the settings

• Fixed issue where the extended progress dialoge would not show download sizes

• Fixed issue where the app name would not show up when re-scanning

• Fixed wrong error when installing new apps that are already installed

• Resolved various issues, added smaller improvements and enhanced support for some apps

3.2.2 (Oct 2023):

• Fixed visual issue on macOS 14 'Sonoma' for apps with Finder-label

• Fixed issue where the menubar would be be inaccessible

• Fixed possible delay when opening an app-info window

3.2.1 (Oct 2023):

• Resolved regression where ignored apps would not be listed in the 'Ignores Apps' section

• Added an Italian translation thanks to 'Mattia Desiderio'

• Updated the Brazilian Portuguese translation thanks to 'BR Lingo'

3.2.0 (Oct 2023):

• Added new option to ignore apps for a limited time only

• Added option to select alternative-branches to track via right-click on apps (where available)

• Added options to easily enable ApplePay or PayPal when upgrading from Std=>Pro

• Added integration with Bartender 5

• Added localiations for previously untranslated help graphics

• Fixed issue with inability to quit some apps to update them

• Fixed issue with 'Update' button not showing in "update found" on-screen notifications

• Fixed issue where running apps would not be relaunched if they had updated themselves

• Fixed issue with ignored-apps-viewer not showing some installed software

• Improved support for iOS/iPadOS apps on AppleSilicon-based Macs

• Resolved minor issue on macOS 14 'Sonoma'

• Resolved various issues, added smaller improvements and enhanced support for some apps

3.1.3 (Sep 2023):

• Add hidden option enabling zero-click AutoUpdates after manual scans too (see ReadMe) (PRO)

• Add support for launching Steam to update Games bought on Steam

• Resolved issues quitting '1Password'

• Ignore app-backups from Native-Instruments by default

• Fix issue with old-style menu (right-click on menubar item)

• Finally document specifying custom homepages and updater-apps for specific apps

3.1.2 (Aug 2023):

• Improved stability under some circumstances

• Resolved possible security issue CVE-2023-41902 reported by Erhad Husovic

• Note: this update requires reinstalling the privilged helper (if installed)

• Resolved regression regarding LibreOffice language-packs (build 16115)

• Added some smaller improvements and enhanced support for various apps

3.1.1 (Jul 2023):

• Resolved various issues, added smaller improvements and enhanced support for various apps

3.1.0 (Jun 2023):

• Added system to save and load custom filter presets in the advanced filter settings

• Filter setting presets can be loaded from the filter bar, menu and via keyboard shortcuts

• Fixed issue where filtering apps based on their tags would not work as expected

• Enabled operating on multiple apps at once in the 'Apple Silicon Migration Assistant'

• Added a new command-line tool 'macupdater_install' to install new apps from the Terminal

• Updated the Chinese localisation thanks to 'F1y Syn'

• Resolved various issues, added smaller improvements and enhanced support for various apps

3.0.4 (May 2023):

• Resolved issue with 'Ignore this Update' not working properly in some cases

• Resolved issue with alerts being hidden behind the menubar interface

• Improvements for the 'Apple Silicon Migration Assistant' available in the 'Help' menu

• Fixed issue with TestFlight Beta apps not being ignored properly on the first scan

• Fixed issue with the placement of the alternative-branch-selector in the main window

• Resolved various issues, added smaller improvements and enhanced support for various apps

3.0.3 (Apr 2023):

• Fix regression where updating running apps fails with 'Please don't launch apps after queuing...'

• Add hidden option to update running apps during zero-click AutoUpdates (see ReadMe) (PRO)

• Enabled reinstalling apps from the 'Apple Silicon Migration Assistant' via the context-menu

• Added some smaller improvements and enhanced support for various apps

3.0.2 (Mar 2023):

• Improvements for displaying release notes directly in the menubar interface

• Updated the Brazilian Portuguese translation thanks to 'BR Lingo'

• Updated the Spanish translation thanks to Álvaro Méndez Macías

• Column widths should now be properly saved and restored

• Improved detection of minimum system requirements for 'Universal' apps

• Scan and rescan options are now available via shortcuts / for automation

• Added option not to show the 'scan finished' notification when no updates are found

• Fixed some smaller bugs and improved support for various apps

3.0.1 (Feb 2023):

• Resolved issue with the alternative-branch selection feature

• Resolved issue with the connection-check window showing a failed connection

• Resolved issue with the command-line tool claiming the license is insufficient

• Resolved issue where failures installing PKGs could result in too-long error messages

• Updated the French translation thanks to Corentin Cras-Méneur

• Updated the Russian translation thanks to Куклин Юрий

• Improved reliability of the 'Release Date' display

• Improved stability in some corner cases

• Minor improvements for layout issues and the purchase process

3.0.0 (Feb 2023):

• IMPORTANT: the minimum system requirements have been raised to macOS 13.0 'Ventura'

• Added option to automatically update all eligible apps after each scheduled scan (PRO)

• Added ability to track other supported branches instead of only the 'Latest Version'

• Added ability to attach and display (Finder compatible) 'tags' to apps

• Added ability to attach (Finder compatible) 'comments' to apps

• Display comments as clickable links to support custom homepages or updater apps

• Added 'Apple-silicon migration assistant' to help move to new Macs

• Added option to reinstall your apps to help to move to a new Mac

• Added ability to select how apps should be updated (auto, updater, manual)

• Support non-app-software (except audio-plugins) in the Standard-edition

• Directly install updates from packages (.PKG) by default

• Extended release-notes display in the menubar

• Improved detection of CPU architecture badges of some apps

• Implemented faster and more reliable disk-image decompression

• Dramatically reduced memory usage when downloading large updates

• Unified displayed 'Latest Version' value after ignoring updates

• Use a iOS-style square icon by default, real Mac icon still available as option

2.x releases are listed here

1.x releases are listed here