InstaCode is an application for programmers or people wanting to learn programming that allows to quickly try out pieces of source code (C/ObjC/C++/ObjC++) without the hassle of having to create, compile and delete projects or files. InstaCode contains several 'template' programs as a starting point to learn programming or quickly insert the code you want to try out.


• Mac OS X 10.7 or later 

• Xcode installed 

License & Cost:

InstaCode is completely free of charge and licensed under the Open Source "MIT License".


0.) Download InstaCode, move it to your Applications folder and launch it.

1.) Enter the source code you want to try out in the left half of the InstaCode window and then hit the compile&run button (R) to run the program. If compilation succeeds, InstaCode will display the textual output of the app (along with some stats) on the right side. If compilation fails, you will instead see the error messages there. InstaCode will also highlight the location of the first error in your code.

2.) You can choose from the presets button (3) to get a compilable starting point to base your code on.

3.) You can choose from the goto button (1) to jump to the methods and functions in your code.

4.) You can choose from the snippet button (2) to insert compile-able snippets (e.g. a 'for loop') into your code.