UninstallPKG History:

1.2.1 (Aug 2023):

• Removed delay-at-launch by scanning in the background

• Resolved possible security issue reported by Erhad Husovic

• Fixed regression regarding icon column

• Minor miscellaneous fixes

1.2.0 (Oct 2021):

• UninstallPKG is now free and supported by showing our other apps

• UninstallPKG now has full native support for Apple's new M1 (ARM) Macs

• UninstallPKG will now remember the window and column sizes and positions

1.1.9 (03 Nov 2020):

• Improved compatibility with macOS 11 'Big Sur'

• Fixed very rare crashes and problems

1.1.8 (11 Sep 2020):

• IMPORTANT: The minimum system requirements have been raised to macOS 10.14 'Mojave'

• Improved compatibility with new package locations on macOS 11 'Big Sur'

• Fixed problems with purchasing or activating UninstallPKG on macOS 11 'Big Sur'

• Improved compatibility with macOS 10.15 'Catalina'

• Added full support for the 'Dark Mode'

• Properly update package count and size after removing packages

1.1.7 (17 Oct 2019):

• Provide initial compatibility with macOS 10.15 'Catalina'

• Improved security through notarization, hardened runtime and helper-tool authentication

• Fixed erroneous reporting about deleted generated files

• Context-menu to reveal in Finder also works in Uninstall view now

• Fixed display issues related to package size and preferences

1.1.6 (20 May 2019):

• You can now right click on files to reveal then in the Finder when viewing a package

• Fixed problem where packages couldble fail to be removed with permission problems

• Fixed problem where files/folders to remove could show up multiple times

1.1.5 (20 Jan 2018):

• Fixed problems on systems older than 10.13 "High Sierra"

• Add support for uninstalling 'Adobe ARMDC'

• Fixed removal of generated files for apps that have been (re)moved manually

• Fixed rare problem where double-clicking the Uninstall-button could lead to problems

• Spelling fixes

1.1.3 (4 Dec 2017):

• Fixed problems with the auto-update mechanism

• Even more complete translation into Simplified Chinese (thanks to Xiong Wei)

• Improved translation into German

1.1.2 (27 Nov 2017):

• Completed translation into Simplified Chinese (thanks to Xiong Wei)

• Fixed possible crash when malformed packages are installed

1.1.1 (25 Nov 2017):

• Fixed possible crash-on-launch

1.1.0 (23 Nov 2017):

• Added ability to uninstall 'System Packages' without disabling 'System Integrity Protection'

• Re-designed preferences window

• Automatically reload package list when changing ignored installers in the preferences

• Added partial translation to 35 languages

• Fixed possible crash on uninstallation

• Fixed problems with the auto-update mechanism

• Fixed display of license code details in documentaton window

• Fixed too-small icon display in main window on non-10.13 systems

• Protect against moving UninstallPKG while it is running

• Added workarounds for inability to launch when the 'helper tool' has been 'disabled'

1.0.29 (17 Oct 2017):

• IMPORTANT: The minimum system requirements have been raised to macOS 10.10

• Improved compatibility with macOS 'High Sierra' 10.13

• Improved checkout process

1.0.28 (24 Jul 2017):

• Miscellaneous bug fixes

1.0.27 (16 Mar 2017):

• Fixed detection of a disabled 'System Integrity Protection'

1.0.26 (6 Mar 2017):

• Disable removal of system packages in rootless mode which would fail anyway

• Protect more essential system packages from accidental removal

• Refer to native uninstaller when trying to uninstall 'LittleFlocker'

1.0.25 (1 Mar 2017):

• Improved compatibility for 10.11+

1.0.24 (17 Feb 2017):

• Fixed crash when no single package is installed

• Refer to native uninstaller when trying to uninstall 'McAfee' products

• Expanded documentation / FAQ

1.0.23 (18 Nov 2016):

• Updated Documentation links and expanded FAQ

• Improved logging to diagnose XPC errors

• Refer to native uninstaller when trying to uninstall 'BitDefender AntiVirus'

1.0.22 (3 Aug 2016):

• Ensure file lists are sorted again for readability

• Better handling when user manually removes files

1.0.21 (30 May 2016):

• (June 12) Improved logging to diagnose XPC errors

• Improvements regarding failures to (re)install the helper tool

1.0.20 (11 Feb 2016):

• Fixed rare crash during uninstallation

• Update included frameworks for purchase and updating

• Prevent sending superfluous crash reports

• Added information about companion product 'VersionsManager'

1.0.19 (5 Nov 2015):

• Dramatically improved performance of uninstallation

1.0.18 (16 Oct 2015):

• Further fixes for the 'System Integrity Protection' in El Capitan

• Fixed problem where ignored installers could not be reset to defaults

• Fixed problem where essential packages could be listed as defunct

• Report possible crashes of helper tool and better diagnosis reports

1.0.17 (23 Sep 2015):

• Ensure compatibility with 'System Integrity Protection' (El Capitan)

• Fix problem where files shared with other PKGs would be removed

1.0.16 (03 Sep 2015):

• Fix sorting order to be case insensitive

• Fix update check not to appear during PKG scan

• Silence some harmless warning reports

• More informational error diagnosis reports

• Updated Paddle framework to fix rare crash on deactivation

• Updated Sparkle framework

1.0.15 (16 Jul 2015):

• Made sure you can't uninstall 'nothing'

• Fix termination of wrong processes which could result in a crash

• More informational error diagnosis reports

• Never attempt to remove essential system folders

• Allow continuing after non-fatal errors

1.0.14 (29 Jun 2015):

• Add ability to uninstall folders with icons (e.g. Office 2011)

• Don't remove packages that disappeared since the scan

1.0.13 (17 Jun 2015):

• IMPORTANT: this release overwrites local changes to 'ignored system folders'

• Fix un-installation of Microsoft Office not working

• Fix problem with too many log-files being generated

• Reduced startup-time by 30%

1.0.12 (15 Jun 2015):

• Offer to clear logfile-folder if it grows too much

• Do not terminate UninstallPKG when non-fatal errors occur

• Fixed rare crash

• More informational error diagnosis reports

1.0.11 (15 May 2015):

• Improved reliability by terminating all processes inside PKGs

• Improved reliability by unloading LaunchDaemon/Agents inside PKGs

• More useful error reports

1.0.10 (27 Apr 2015):

• Fixed crash with rare malformed packages

• Made removal of generated files more complete

• Warn if UninstallPKG has been damaged by a faulty unzip app

1.0.9 (20 Mar 2015):

• Fixed crash introduced in previous version when scanning damaged receipts

1.0.8 (6 Mar 2015):

• Added fixes for uninstalling 'CrashPlan'

• Added option to send crash logs back to us

• Improvements to the purchase process

• Include our 'privacy policy' and product promotions

1.0.7 (29 Oct 2014):

• Made many more un-installable packages show up

• Fixed problem with editing ignored system locations

• Added warning when changing setting in an unsafe way

• Show install-process for the packages when holding alt/option

1.0.6 (16 Oct 2014):

• Added compatibility with Mac OS X "Yosemite" 10.10

• Added some explanations in the user interface

• Fixed problem where system packages would show up by default

1.0.5 (7 Apr 2014):

• Allow uninstallation of old packages from pre-10.6 (/Library/Receipts)

• Allow uninstallation of local user packages (~/Library/Receipts)

• Fixed uninstallation of packages containing locked files (e.g. CrashPlan)

• Fixed problem where settings for removal of additional files would be ignored

• Added more details to the log-files about additional removed files

• Added package BOM size to package 'Content Size'

1.0.3 (17 Feb 2014):

• Fixed rare crash

1.0.2 (17 Feb 2014):

• Increased un-installation safety

• More thorough un-installation of generated files

• Make sure all components of an app are terminated during un-installation

1.0.1 (14 Feb 2014):

• Increased safety by refusing to uninstall essential system packages

• Show progress dialogue for viewing package contents instead of "freezing"

• Added a log-file (help menu) that stores date & name of each package removal

• Create a log-file (help menu) with details of removed files for package removals

• Added ability to 'de-activate' the license for migration to another Mac

1.0 (4 Dec 2013):

• UninstallPKG can now be bought for 9.99$/€ to perform more than 3 un-installations

• Improved documentation and in-app help

1.0b6 (26 Nov 2013):

• Added automatic update mechanism

• Added option to remove uninstalled applications from Dock

• Added option to remove uninstalled applications from LoginItems

• Added option to remove generated files like preferences

• Added option to make sure uninstalled apps are removed completely

• Quit uninstalled applications

• Improved support for uninstalling applications like TeamViewer

1.0b5 (15 Oct 2013):

• Display size of all packages in megabytes

• Fixed uninstallation of packages with special characters in their name

• Remove uninstalled applications from Dock

• Add ability to show either all packages, packages of apps or just defunct packages

• Show name of affected application before removing a package

• Increase width of the main window

• Fixed problem with the "remove" buttons in the preferences

• Fixed problems where some files/folders would not be removed

1.0b4 (2 Sep 2013):

• Fixed problem where some packages could not be uninstalled

• Added ability to uninstall multiple packages at once

• Increased package scanning speed

1.0b3 (21 Jul 2013):

• Added ability to search/filter the package list

• Improved uninstall dialogue

• Improved reliability for problematic packages

1.0b2 (21 Jun 2013):

• Improved progress dialogue

• Improved success dialogue

1.0b1 (29 May 2013):

• Initial beta release